Il Very Bianco

Along the banks of river Livenza, confining with the Marca Trevigiana, stands a beautiful and historical property, owned by the Adami-Falghera Rosani-Galletti, families that are still related to each other today and who devoted their lives and destinies to this land.
A century ago, the famous Professor Manzoni, newly married to Aunt Cicci, began his studies and deepend his researches, through which he invented this type of vine.
Today, after a modern and careful reinterpretation, the native takes on a new guise thanks to Veronica, a young agricultural enterpreneur, direct descendant of this historical family. Very, assisted and supported by distinguished oenologists of the School of Conegliano Veneto, has been able to fully intercept the features and the values embedded in the DNA of this centuries-old vine.
From being just a dream, today Very Bianco is a reality! It is a great product, stable in every component, it has a pale yellow colour, balanced in its perfumes, it has a fresh and mineral flavour, with a fine and velvety perlage.

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11,5% Vol

amarone della valpolicella DOCG®

recioto della valpolicella DOCG®

ripasso della valpolicella DOC®

amarone della valpolicella DOCG® magnum