ripasso della valpolicella DOC®

“Ca’ Pigneto”, a breathtaking natural amphitheatre located in the Valpolicella, has been famous for centuries for its microclimate, particularly suitable for the cultivation of olive trees and vines.
Here this important red wine, produced with the “Ripasso” method (second fermentation) takes its origins.

The Valpolicella Superiore is put to ferment a second time on the skins of the dried grapes used for the production of Amarone, to obtain more concentration of body, colour, aroma and sugar. The maturation in Slavonian oak barrels lasts one and half years. The wine will be put on sale only after at least six months refining in the bottle.
The passion, the typical grape varieties Corvina e Rondinella, meticulously grown, and the area, are structural components of this wine.

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13,5% Vol
1 h
18 months
6 months

amarone della valpolicella DOCG®

recioto della valpolicella DOCG®

amarone della valpolicella DOCG® magnum