The wines of Ca’ Pigneto, Amarone, Ripasso, Recioto, are the result of accurate knowledge, tradition and projects that face the modernization of the family farm that in the last years has enriched of new functional and autochthon intallations.
The red wines of Ca’ Pigneto are great wines for their quality and personality!
They all have a great “calibre” and are great “meditation” wines.
They contain the most various and unmistakable flavours of the famous valley.
They go very well with many different kind of dishes and they are unique for the typicality due to their microclimate.
These features are the result of a wise union between the ancient family secrets handed down from generation to generation jealously guarded by the Countess Paola and the refined experience matured in many years of activity in vine growing of Nicolis Bros., significant enologists in Valpolicella, who co-operate since years in the farm.

“et però credo che molta felicità sia agli homini che nascono dove si trovano i vini buoni” (Leonardo da Vinci)